WI-INETA - August 12th: ASP.NET MVC with Jeffrey Palermo

Sunday, July 20 2008

With my vacation approaching next week, I've been distracted from my efforts with DevForce EF.  Unfortunately, my RC1 licence timed out which required an uninstall and reinstall of the product.  Apparently, they are working on improvements to the licensing in the future, and the need to uninstall and reinstall will not be required.  For now though, it was just enough of a hurdle to keep me from making progress.  I'll pick up the pieces again in Mid August when I return from vacation.


On a more interesting note, On August 12th, 2008 the Wisconsin DotNet Users Group, WI-INETA.org will be sponsoring a presentation on the ASP.NET MVC.  For my SE Wisconsin friends, this is definitely a presentation to catch.  If you aren't familiar with Model View Controller, this is a great time to get your feet wet.  MVC is a pattern that ASP.NET developers will be seeing a lot more of.  By definition, it separates the model, the view, and the controller which lends itself perfectly to n-tier applications and test driven development.  To sign up for the event, visit the WI-INETA.org site.

The demos will be based on the CodePlex MVCContrib Project and the MVC Preview.  You may want to download and play with the preview prior to the presentation.

You can view Jeff's blog here.

If time permits, I'll review some of the key highlights of the meeting in August.