DevForce EF RC1 and other notes

Monday, June 23 2008 - , , ,

DevForceEF_RC1 copyFirst a short note, but not really an apology.  I've been a bit busy lately.  Have you ever had one of those days where you stumble across a technology and you know you have a good handle on it, but when you try to bring it into focus, you just can't wrap your head around it.  I had a few of those recently.  The result, for me, was a commitment to spend some "back-to-the-basics' time.  I frequently comment on how hard it can be to keep up in application development tools and technologies today.  When you go back and fast forward, you can get a good understanding of why that pace seems so relentless.  It's been demanding, challenging and (no I'm not crazy) fun.  If you haven't done a refresher in a few years, I encourage you to rewind and replay.  Challenge yourself to test the depth of what you think you know.  For me, the icing on the cake was the number of pieces of the puzzle on which I had a hazy grasp, that now, years of experience later, seem embarrassingly obvious.  I'm going to continue pushing myself through the refresher for a bit longer and I encourage you to try the same.  My hope that my improved understanding of the fundamentals will help provide more depth in the quality of the reviews and examples you will see here in the future.  If you notice any errors, misconceptions, or would like to expand on an idea, please leave a comment.

Now for the real point of the blog.  Good to their promise, IdeaBlade has published the release candidate of the DevForce Entity Framework.  I've just installed it and will be working through the videos and tutorials.  If you'd like to download and get your hands on this product, click the image of their web site.  After I get a few bloody knuckles, I'll be looking forward to a real test of the product and it's capabilities.  If you'd like to propose a project, leave a comment.  I prefer solving real problems.  I find they introduce challenges that I would never have seen until confronted with a real problem-space.  I love the excitement of the unseen curve and putting the tool through its paces and accelerating out of the curve to the finish line.  I hope you'll ride along and that you enjoy the ride.  Keep you're reader tuned (yep, probably best to use the RSS feed to be notified of future postings).  I hope to have some initial observations and evaluations of the new DevForce soon.  See you then.