Telerik’s SiteFinity and Collaborative Volunteer Web Site Development

Tuesday, December 01 2009 - ,

Thanks to our Friends at Telerik, we have a new contender for the CMS (Content Management System) marketplace - SiteFinity.  Through a generous donation from Telerik and the efforts of The Friends of the Cedarburg Bog, we will be imageundertaking the redesign of their Web Site.

Throughout the process we will be documenting the experience through from the perspective of the folks planning, designing, implementing and eventually maintaining the site.  It should provide a realistic view of building and maintaining a SiteFinity site for a 100% volunteer non-profit group.

If all goes according to plan, we will be sharing concepts, explaining the pains and joys of the effort, and providing some actual interviews with our members who will be creating and maintaining the site.  Hopefully, when complete, we should have a multimedia whitepaper and be able to provide guidance for other organizations undertaking a more ‘online’ presence with modern web management toolsets.  If you like your info ‘bite size’, subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified with each update.  If you’d like to contribute ideas or suggestions, please feel free to leave comments.  I’m excited by SiteFinity and I think we’ll have a great time with this project.  - Thanks Telerik!

For more information about the Friends of the Cedarburg Bog, you can visit our WIKI site at BogFriends.

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I look forward to seeing you new site. You can no go wrong using Sitefinity. I am getting ready to do a non-profit group site this month too.